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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Wild Things – a conference for people and nature!

On Feb. 25th, about two thousand people celebrated and learned together.

It was a coming together of scientists, activists, stewards, volunteers, and professionals – a World leadership event. There’s nothing else like it on the planet. Choose among workshops, seminars, presentations, and happenings that will offer opportunities to appreciate and get involved in birding, wildlife conservation, endangered species, ecosystem restoration, volunteering, job opportunities, wildflowers, identifying insects by their sounds, hiking, kids’ education, photography – in so many forms, as creative volunteers and professionals plan and convene them to engage and welcome you into a community of importance and fulfilment.

 A brief history of Wild Things can be found here

This year we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Illinois Nature Preserves System. Its staff and – equally important – its volunteer Commissioners and restoration stewards have the challenging job of making it work, in an age when biodiversity’s importance is only slowly becoming recognized, and thus only a pittance of needed resources are available, beyond what volunteers and local agencies provide. 


For the conference website, go to:

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